I Think God Is Sitting


by Martina Litty

on my chest. My heart

hurts so badly and not

in the metaphorical way.


My wrists quake

make my hands jitter

and my body is doing


its own thing, shaking

like a thrumming harp wire. 


I was afraid in bed and poured

a cloying orange 5-hour Energy

into an empty


mug and read a blue whale wiki

like it was the morning paper.

Did you know their songs


sweep thousands of miles

of sea? Did you know


their hearts are big enough

for a whole human to curl up

inside? Five feet high 


and four feet wide.

Did you know they’re warm-blooded,



Imagine having that much room for love.

Imagine that much heat.


Blue whales don't sing

from their mouths, don't sing

without a thousand tons


of sea pressing on their backs.

My chest tightens with every



I want to call my mother.

I want to call my mother.

Martina Litty is an undergraduate student studying creative writing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her poems have appeared in Poets Reading the News, High Shelf Press, and Witness: Appalachia to Hatteras, the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poets and Student Poets series. She was the founding editor-in-chief of Torch Literary Arts Magazine, which won first place with special merit with American Scholastic Press Association for its inaugural edition. Litty enjoys writing, volunteer work, toasted PB&J sandwiches, (re)watching the movie D.E.B.S. (2004), and sleeping. She’s currently trying therapy. She thinks it’s going okay.


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