Visual Art

by Sandra Paris

The Couple
The Dance

Sandra Paris is a French painter born in 1977 who lives and works near Paris. A self-taught artist, she became a graphic designer in a publishing house, but soon decided to go back to painting concurrently with her job. In 2007 she launched a blog to show her work, and she’s now working in a store while hoping to earn a living from her painting someday. She has exhibited in France, Italy, the US, and Colombia. Paris’s work has appeared in honey & lime lit, Like A Girl, Average Art Magazine, Wotisart Magazine, Juste Milieu Lit Review, Selah Magazine, A5 Zine, and others. Her universe is full of female characters with long necks, colorful landscapes, and still lifes. Her influences include Modigliani, German expressionists, and Fauvism. In 2015, she decided to experiment in collages and mixed media: personal or magazine photos layered totally or partially with paint.


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