Chronically Ill but Still Groovy

Visual Art

by Emily Bourne

Emily Bourne is a 19-year-old artist, freelance writer, and activist from London. Her love for creating things to make the world a little bit brighter is what motivates her to keep making and questing toward different things. She is currently an editor and writer for Risen Magazine and an assistant at Able Magazine. She is also doing activism work on her Instagram, @floteren. Her never-slow-down attitude awarded her an A in A-Level Fine Art, despite her struggle with fibromyalgia. Her disability weighs her down sometimes, but she gets by. Despite it, she will never stop creating. Some of her favorite accomplishments are having her art exhibited in Sonder in New York and having many articles published in magazines all over the place. Emily is currently working as a freelance writer and is always looking for new opportunities! Email her,, to get in touch!


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