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© 2019 by semicolon, all rights reserved


All written and visual work is the intellectual property of the attributed author/artist.

To read any issues, click on the PDF to download.


Issue 1 was released in January 2019 featuring:

Diana Clark

Kathy Contant

Nandini Godara

Sarah Shields

Sophie Allen

Lizzie Bankowski

SJ Griffin

Keren Chelsea Guevara

EmilyNicole Moreland

E. Kristin Anderson

Emily Banks

Bebe Blackwood

Marisa Crane

Wanda Deglane

Laurel Paige

Eli Sahm

Emily Page Wilson


Issue 2 was released in June 2019 featuring:

Kathryn M. Barber

Amanda McLeod

Claire Loader

Hannah Madonna

E.J. Schwartz

Lizzie Bankowski

Abigal E.P.

Sandra Paris

William Bortz

Kara Goughnour

Andrew Hachey

Martina Litty

Quinn Lui

Marie Ostendorf-LeClair

Ellora Sutton