Issue 2 - June 2019


William Bortz

          "Not About a Gun"

          "Shifting Gold to Virtue"

Kara Goughnour


Andrew Hachey

          "After the Shouting"

Martina Litty

          "I Think God is Sitting"

Quinn Lui

          "reverse guide to reintegration"

Marie Ostendorf-LeClair

           "Wheatfield with Crows"

Ellora Sutton


Visual Arts

Lizzie Bankowski


          "the world's most profound artist"

Abigail E.P.

          "I Have Anxiety But I Am Loveable"

Sandra Paris

          "The Couple"

          "The Dance"



Claire Loader


Hannah Madonna

          "Until the Glass Breaks"

E.J. Schwartz

          "Those Poor Dolls"


Kathryn Barber


Amanda McLeod

          "The Fish"

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