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All written and visual work is the intellectual property of the attributed author/artist.

Katherine O'Hara

Founding Editor, Poetry Editor

Katherine O’Hara is an MFA candidate at University of North Carolina Wilmington in fiction, and she currently runs social media and does editorial screening for Beloit Poetry Journal. Previously, she read fiction for Ecotone, a literary magazine that reimagines place. Presently, she is an editorial intern for Lookout Books, fact-checking and working on circulation and tip sheets. Among others, Katherine’s writing has appeared in Occulum Journal and Red Cedar Review. As far as writing, she is working on a novel featuring poetic interpretations of grief at an imagined crossing between rural North Carolina and Lake Charles, Louisiana, where her family is from.

Carey Cecelia Shook

Founding Editor, Nonfiction Editor, Production Editor, Marketing Team

Carey Cecelia Shook works in digital marketing by day and is a writer and mental health advocate always. She believes in happy endings and being kind to everyone. Her diagnoses are borderline personality disorder, binge-eating disorder, and anxiety, and she doesn't believe in hiding her struggles. She loves all dogs ever, iced vanilla coffee with almond milk, words of affirmation, and sushi. She has a BFA in creative writing and a publishing certificate. Her nonfiction can be found in Capulet Mag, X-R-A-Y, and other parts of the word-world. Follow her @careyshook.

Tyler Anne Whichard

Founding Editor, Fiction Editor, Visual Arts Editor, Marketing Team

Tyler Anne Whichard is an MFA fiction candidate at UNCW, where she received a BFA in creative writing and certificates in professional writing and publishing. She is the editor-in-chief for Atlantis: A Creative Magazine and an advocate for radical kindness. Her work has appeared in Spelk and Memoir Mixtapes. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @tylerawhichard. Tyler Anne struggles with depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

Caleb Horowitz

Nonfiction Editor

Caleb is a graduate student instructor at UNCW and an amateur penguin enthusiast. He spends his time as an English student writing long papers about things like insect literature and Jewish Jane Austen adaptations, and his free time writing fiction about golems and sad people. Caleb struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression, and he hopes to help educate people about OCD. You can follow him @PenguinHorowitz.

Becka Jackson

Poetry Editor, Technical Writer, Layout Designer

Becka writes mostly true poetry and knits salty sweaters. She is windblown, grapefruit beer, and when her anxiety is up, peppermint puppy hugs. Becka is a member of the lady love club and her car is always sandy. Writing as Rebecca Otter, her work is forthcoming in Homology Lit and appears in X-R-A-Y, Entropy Magazine, and Instant Literary Magazine.

Nikki Kroushl

Copy Editor

Nikki is graduate of UNCW's BFA in creative writing and certificate in publishing, as well as a perpetual student of various noisy and quiet arts. Much like a houseplant, she loves sunlight, the indoors, astrology poems, and when the cat sits next to her on the window sill. She is very busy this year trying to become her pinkest self. She tweets at @nicolecrucial and she is neurotypical.